5trees is an initiative to raise awareness about the importance of reforesting with biodiversity and to provoke people to look with affection to their memories with nature.

How does it work?

We question people related to family farming and nature which are the five most important trees to them. 

The answers are shared on our Facebook page and our Instagram profile with the hashtag #5árvores and #5trees. All the content there is yet in Portuguese.

Why doing this question?

Besides bringing affective questions within the choices of the five trees, we aim even more: we want to reinforce the union and balance that exists in the work of nature.

The number five symbolizes the center and harmony, as it occupies the middle of the numbers from 1 to 9. It also represents the human being, because we have two arms, two legs and a trunk. In addition to that, in numerology the number five means union and balance.

Nature knows how to self-regulate and cooperate. This is precisely what we wish to reinforce through this project: the need to preserve the planet and the importance of all species.

Which are the five most important trees in your life and why?